Bromsen Rekindles Their Friendship In New Song – We!

The Indietronic duo Richard and Karlo, based in Berlin, goes by the stage name of Bromsen, Richard and Karlo, two longtime pals, founded Bromsen in 2021. The duo recently released “We!” on March 10th, which happens to be the third song, that celebrates the unending power of their friendship.

Bromsen released this song to express the profound love they both have for each other, although the duo went into a hiatus for about 20 years, yet they were able to come together and find their unique voice.

A strong, tempo-driven and emotive vocal performance carries the song’s catchy and memorable melody, giving the music an additional layer of complexity and energy. The dance-rock single “We!” by Bromsen is a dynamic and captivating example of the group’s ability to create upbeat music.

You can hear a lot of synths and digital drum sounds in the song, the various instrumental breaks and dynamic shifts keep the listener on the edge paying so much attention to the lyrics of the music, while the pleasant chorus is sure to get anyone singing along.

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