Tom Tikka Strives To Save The World With New Song

With the rampant rate of climate change, it is advisable to adjust our way of living, and curb the waste we produce as most of this is the major cause of global warming.

“I saw this image of people up to their necks in water, carrying suitcases and
children, trying to find their way out of historic Venice and thought that somebody should do something about this, so I wrote Venetian Rubber Boots”
Tom Tikka

Acclaimed songwriter and singer Tom Tikka has taken it upon himself to encourage and share with the rest of the world what we can do to make the world a better place.

In his latest single “Venetian Rubber Boots” Tom did a wonderful job of delivering such thought-provoking matters. On a country song typa beat, he laid his vocals in a way that brought out the sense in the song, he partnered with The Missing Hubcabs to bring forth this magic.

Tom Tikka is a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a proven track record of hit songs, one of those songs, “Venetian Rubber Boots”, found its way onto the Born Free Foundation fundraising album (from Minds Behind the Music) alongside music stars Paul Shortino and Brad Walsh

Surely Tom Tikka is championing a great course by fighting and helping others do all they can to make the world a better place. It is fascinating how he does this effortlessly.

Just a few seconds into Venetian Rubber Boots, you are greeted by a warm serene beat which prepares your heart for the message up ahead, he then changes his tone and aggression to emphazise on the message he is broadcasting, yet not too loud to make you lose interest in his message.

Venetian Rubber Boots is accompanied by a visual representation of Tom Tikka’s message

Watch Venetian Rubber Boots Below

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