Among The Masses Discloses The ‘Wrong Turn’

Among The Masses is a Stockholm-based band made up of four distinct performers, embodying its heritage of well-crafted music. The four-piece band is binded by a single thread – their love four guitar-based bands.

Wrong Turn by Among The Masses is a blend of multiple genres like rock, nostalgia, the Eighties, and a pint of new wave. The Guitar riffs are simultaneously embedded in David Liebe’s vocal delivery his voice the rate, volume, pitch, articulation, pronunciation, and fluency, are all stylishly spread across the 4mins 39secs song.

This a guitar dominated music, not your regular drums-based rock/pop song. Wrong Turn is a ballad that touches on some of the wrong decisions we make some consciously while others subconsciously – Wrong turn.

Wrong Turn Is nostalgic and at the same time psychedelic, sending signals to the brain for relaxation to allow the music to take its course. The regrets of making the wrong decisions are pinned at vantage points throughout the song.

The humming in the song gives the song the horror of making the wrong turn in real life. The band is heavily influenced by Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Television and masters of the darkness: Depeche Mode and The Cure.

AMONG THE MASSES are: DAVID LIEBE – vocals ANDREJ ANDERZON MÖLLER – piano, keyboards, programming, backing vocals MATS GABRIEL-BURMAN – bass KENT ALFREDSSON – lyrics

The band hints at their secret weapon who happens to be Andreas Ahlenius a gold and platinum award-winning producer lovingly referred to as the fifth member.

Listen to Wrong Turn below;

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