Halley Greg Shares Her New Song ‘No Room For Me’

Halley Greg is a rising star in the music industry, born and raised in Seattle, with an incredible talent for singing and songwriting.

Her voice and musical prowess caught the attention of many, including Kelly Clarkson, for whom she has pledged her support as a member of “Team Kelly” in season 20 of The Voice.

Greg’s music is a mix of pop-rock and feminist themes, which make her songs stand out in a crowded industry. Her powerful vocals and raw emotions are felt in every piece she writes, as she delves into important social issues for her and her fans.

One of her most recent singles, “No Space For Me,” is a perfect example of Greg’s songwriting abilities. The track takes a deep dive into the expectations placed on women in modern society, with lyrics that are both raw and empowering. The song was inspired by the book “Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Potential of Women’s Rage” by Rebecca Traister.

Greg’s musical journey began in the theatre industry, where she honed her craft as a hobby. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that she was invited to compose music for an experimental show by her friend Jen Monette. There, she met Kelsey Sprague, a singer-songwriter, and the two of them formed a band that eventually led to the creation of Greg’s newest album, Straitjacket.

In Straitjacket, Greg’s voice is on full display, as she tackles a variety of themes and topics that are both personal and societal. Her lyrics are poignant, and her voice is captivating, taking the listener on an emotional journey with every song.

Greg’s feminist themes are particularly noteworthy, as she tackles issues such as female empowerment and gender roles in her music. In “Harlot,” one of the standout tracks from her album, she sings about owning her sexuality and defying societal norms. The song has already become a fan favourite, with four-year-old girls asking their mothers what a “harlot” means after hearing the track.

Halley Greg is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her talent and passion for music are evident in every note she sings, and her ability to tackle challenging social issues through her music is both admirable and inspiring. With her newest album, Straitjacket, she is sure to make an even bigger impact in the music world and beyond.

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