Kepa Lehtinen Brings Serenity To Your Soul With In ‘The Heart Of Winter’

Finnish composer Kepa Lehtinen, 51, has amassed a devoted following thanks to his distinctive brand of contemporary classical music. He stands out from the crowd because of his passion for the theremin, a hands-free gesture-controlled electronic instrument with an otherworldly tone.

Lehtinen is known for his forward-thinking works for piano and theremin but has extended himself even further this time out.

Lehtinen uses his theremin to add complex rhythms and counterpoints to his compositions, making them difficult and unusual. He has composed music for film and television, studied sound design at Aalto University, and presently runs a recording studio.

He titled his latest body of work “In The Heart Of Winter” an album that comprises of 7 unique songs, that coveys the bright and elegant masterpiece of acclaimed Kepa Lehtinen.

“I didn’t plan a freak show,” he says, “but, now that the album is finished, I noticed that there’s a saw, a prepared piano, and, of course, a theremin on it. As a sound designer, I put a lot of emphasis on the sound of my music. I’ve noticed that my interest has shifted from synthesis to traditional acoustic methods of creation. Maybe I also went crazy about artistic freedom after all the discipline of TV work.”

The album highlights include “In The Heart Of Winter,” about which Kepa says “Winter is, above all, a dark season in Finland. It’s also the state of mind in which I’ve written my best compositions. Sadness isn’t bad if you can draw fuel from it.”

The album comprises 7 unique songs which are;

In The Heart Of Winter Pt 1

In The Heart Of Winter Pt 2

It Gets Dark

Waltz Of The Sleeping Helsinki

Waltz For Prepared Piano

Lake Theme For Saw, Theremin, And Piano

Bye “

Of which my favourite is” Lake Theme For Saw, Theremin, And Piano”, but opinions they say are like noses, so, certainly you might have a different favourite

Listen to In The Heart Of Winter Below

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