The Venus Figurines Showcases Superiority With ‘Holiday’

In 2015 two college friends Jaidyn Daniels and Brad Holzberger discovered their love for music and decided to come together and start a band in Southern Tasmania, they later welcomed Cameron Quinn and Angus Wilks to the band and since then The Venus Figurines has gained traction in Southern Tasmania, and continues to expand their wings.

Listening to songs of The Venus Figurines one could hear the sound of different musicians like Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pumpkins, Deep Purple, The Dirty Nil, and Violent Soho this isn’t surprising because the band is heavily influenced by them.

Their latest single ‘Holiday’ opens with come explosive guitar riffs then accentuated with rhythmic drums that pave way for the magic incoming. Holiday is off the band’s forthcoming album, Modern Paradigm which is expected to be out in the middle of 2023.

“Holiday” is taken from a person’s perspective where they are undervalued and taken advantage of in a workplace where their superiors line their pockets whilst living the high life at the expense of their underlings who are less fortunate. – The Venus Figurines

Listening to Holiday feels Nostalgic, the instruments which were used makes the lyrics of the song stand out while giving music lovers something to jam to. The song gives fans a sneak peek of what to expect from the band’s sophomore album.

The band’s outstanding amity and musicianship are on full display in the hard-hitting garage rock song “Holiday,” which has killer guitar riffs, fuzzy melodic bass lines, and groovy percussion. Jaidyn Daniels – vocals, guitar | Brad Holzberger – drums, percussion | Cameron Quinn – guitar, backing vocals | Angus Wilks – bass guitar

Listen to Holiday below:

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