Mac Summer Ignites The Party With ‘Suddenly The Rain’

Mac Summer is the new face of EDM and this is not even debatable, to buttress this point is his latest single Suddenly The Rain. Don’t be fooled by the intro, don’t let the subtle piano keys deceive you to think this is some quiet song, NO! ‘Suddenly The Rain’ is the complete opposite of that.

Suddenly The Rain starts on a peaceful tone then it later switches to a high-energy electronic song that is irresistible yet addictive. Although the song is fast-paced, you can’t say the same for the lyrics, the lyrics are rather calm with a powerful message.

As a matter of fact, Mac Summer really outdid himself with Suddenly The Rain, the production and arrangements are timely and classy, and before you come to the realization you would find yourself dancing.

Currently, when it comes to Electronic Music in his hometown New Zealand, Mac Summer is the leading household name. It’s entertaining how he makes a song energetic, yet carries a romantic message.

The Auckland-based producer is the Life Of The Party and his shows are a “Can’t-miss” because it is obvious he really knows how to entertain the crowd and move the masses, his songs actually speak for themselves

Listen to Suddenly The Rain below

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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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