Wild Horse Comes Through A New One Titled ‘Angles’

Wild Horse is an indie trio that was formed by brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin along with their best pal during their primary school days in Sussex, southern England.

The trio since has developed their crafts throughout the years to become what we call near perfection. The song was written by Wild Horse Frontman Jack Baldwin & produced by Matt Leppanen & recorded at The Animal Farm Music studio in London.

The song “ANGLES” muses on the age-old issue of having the courage to express one’s emotions. It’s a triumph from a band on the rise that exudes conviction and style. But when it pertains to romantic relationships, everyone is uncertain of their perspectives.

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Angles take you back to the 70s era, a laid-back vocals delivered on an addictive instrumentation. The theme of the song is clearly brought to light from the initial beginning of the song, this allows the listener to have a bond with the song while jamming to it.

It’s amazing how Wild Horse makes music seem easy, because definitely this record took some dedication and hours of production, the song rather came out smooth and cathartic.

The drums take the lead in the song, occasionally interjected by the guitar riffs and toppled with great lyricism, one thing that cannot be overlooked is the smooth vocals which was laid on the instrumentation, a classical example of the band’s capabilities, showcasing the wealth of the trio.

Listen to Angles below

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