Big Boss Vette Delivers Clever Rhymes On New Song “Problem”

She keeps getting better with each new song she puts out, and she has never stopped trying to make the most of her skills and talent.

Big Boss Vette has just released her newest single, titled “Problems,” in which she makes it sound as though she is willing to settle for whatever this world has to offer. It’s not going to work out like that.

Her level of intensity radiates through the entirety of the song, which also features really brilliant lyrics, an explicit flow, and a high degree of cadence throughout its entirety.

It is clear that the song is about a certain person or persons because the lyrics are obviously addressed to someone, but yes, she delivers a powerful performance on each line.

She has reached the point where she has mastered her expertise with rap, and she boasts a distinctive style that helps her stand out from the crowd. Because it is so good, her lyrical dexterity is something that you will find yourself admiring.

She rips through the music with a confident demeanor and smooth rhymes while the heavy bass thumps and the percussion pounces.

It’s clear that a lot of thought and effort went into writing and composing this song. The accompanying music video is great, and you should watch it. The timing of everything is perfect.

Listen to the song below and watch the music video as well. Follow her on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter as we look forward to more music from her.


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