The Much Awaited Ep By Rob Lea Is Finally Out

Rob Lea shot to fame after he competed in the ITV talent show Starstruck hosted by Olly Murs where he transformed into the iconic Freddie Mercury for the show. Since then Rob has headlined shows and had an incredible year with a huge UK theater tour.

The Leeds-born Blackpool-based artist has since then capitalized on his success to make relatable songs for his fans across the internet so he can share his messages with them, now Rob Lea is ready to outdoor his latest Ep to the world.

The Ep runs under the moniker ‘Stop What You Are Doing’ the Ep has a total of 5 songs which he has carefully put together to give the listeners the soundgasm they’ve been craving for.

The Ep kicks off with Freak, Summer In the Morning, Time Of My Life, High, Reflection, the Ep spans over 17mins 58secs with multifarious lyricism.

Rob has five tracks on his album that take the listener on a voyage through ferocious rock riffs, soaring Summer pop vibes, nostalgic and risk-taking arrangements, and a moving and emotive ballad.

“I love music of all kinds and I love how music can take the listener through all the colours that life throws at you. I’m so excited for people to hear this EP. I think when they hear the music together, they will get what I’m trying to do, which is to take them on a journey of some of the highs and lows of life. Ultimately, I want people to know they are not alone.” – Rob Lea

It is inspiring to hear how Rob Lea has been able to craft 5 songs with alternating vibes yet they all feel connected. Listening to the songs on the Ep, you could tell the efforts he had to put into each song in order for them to come out this good.

Listen to “Stop What You Are Doing” below

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