Shaun Mason Teams Up with Anji Kaizen On ‘ Decode’

Sensational singer and producer Shaun Mason teams up with the amazing female vocalist Anji Kaizen to produce a one in a lifetime record titled Decode.

The song is a cinematic cover of the iconic Paramore song “Decode” as a tribute to celebrate the release of their new album, it is one of their most iconic songs.

Shaun and Anji met online via tiktok and Instagram, although the duo met online, the song was  recorded in their own studios but Shaun did the mixing and mastering .

The duo took their time in perfecting the song and it did come out perfect. The song spans a duration of 4 minutes 37 secs, enough time to give you the listening pleasure you’ve been deprived of.

Decode is an alternating rock pop with melancholic vibes which takes you into another world, a world devoid of pain and suffering. Both artists did an exceptional job on delivering their vocals on the song.

There is a twist in the instrumentation, it posses as melancholy yet has a perfect rock delivery, giving the listener different kinds of feelings, a burst of euphoric spirits.

Listen to decode below



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