Chris Caulfield Leaves The ‘Porchlight’ On

Porchlight is a love ballad that draws inspiration from real-life instances. The theme of Porchlight is not some type of fantasy but was coined from the experiences of Chris Caulfield.

We all know the relevance of a porchlight in a home, now imagine a porch light in a dark area, imagine how easy that would be to get there, how easy it would be to return back.

The song is about finding your way back to someone, the concept of knowing you belong together, even if you drift apart for a time, even a long time, or face tough times.

“In real life, my wife and I who have been together for more than 12 years, and before that had dated as teenagers, we faced our hardest time together in 2021, and we did ultimately push through together and are still together, this song is written as an “alternate ending”, if we did drift apart, knowing we’re meant for each other, and knowing that she knows that too – or as a “prequel” before getting back together years ago” – says Chris Caulfield

The screams of Chris in the song tell the desperation of wanting your loved one back and making it obvious you want them back regardless. Leaving the Porchlight on symbolizes the warm welcome awaiting someone who is lost.

Chris has masterfully painted a person full of regret and is willing to make all the necessary changes in other to be with that special person, even if they have moved on you’d still want to be with them.

With the experiences Chris Caulfield has up his sleeves, it is no wonder he was able to deliver his vocals on such instrumentations, his soothing vocals and lyrics are heartwarming yet melancholic

Enjoy Porchlight below







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