Kabelle Drops Their Anticipated Ep – Restless Mind

At this point, you have probably heard of the trio Kabelle, a synthpop band that came into existence during the lockdown. Although distant apart the trio still managed to keep in touch via video calls, sharing ideas on how to convey their heartfelt message with the rest of the world.

Kabelle has since then been gradually rising up the rank and perfecting their craft. The band finally has released a body of work, a 7 tracks Ep titled Restless Mind.

The band’s ability to pursue their love for music and the anxiety that resulted from the lockdown were major influences on this EP. With remote recording sessions and idea sharing on camera, it was certainly not easy.

Kabelle Out With A New One ‘Wonder’

However, the fact that they were able to work as a cohesive team despite the occasionally intense tension showed how determined they were to brandish their craft.

All songs on the Ep don’t follow the same pattern, the instrumentations and mood for each song differ, some songs are laid back, others are melancholic while others are upbeat.

Listening to the songs on the Ep one could tell synth player and programmer Adam Gordon, singer Katie Jones, and drummer Bertie Atkinson did an amazing job on making this entire 7songs.

The band is currently working on releasing their debut album, but before then let us enjoy their Restless Mind

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