Rich Chambers Feels Like ‘A Fool For You’

Rich chambers sure has a niche for songwriting and he puts this on display in his new song ‘fool for loving you’. Over 3 million streams on Spotify alone is proof of his prowess when it comes to music production.

Well, sometimes we fall deeply inlove, but that love is not reciprocated, this can be very heartbreaking and hard to accept that the love can never be reciprocated.

We usually hope we can also experience that love, feel the energy we give, be held like we hold them, but when reality dawns we feel like a fool for loving you thus – Fool For Loving You.

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A few seconds into the song and I was already inlove with the song, perfect instrumentation, the drums and guitar combine smoothly and his vocal on the song is no wonder considering who we are talking about – Rich Chambers.

Fool For Loving You is a guitar-driver yet poses as a country + Rock n Roll song intertwined with the 80’s vibe, giving an exponential retro feeling. Rich Chambers has built his reputation to be known as one of the prominent names when it comes to singer.

His alternating voice on the song and his hard-beating guitar make the Fool For Loving You song addictive making it hard to listen to just once.

One distinct feature of songs performed by Rich Chambers is the lyrics of the song, the lyrics of his songs are relatable, this comes easily to him as he draws his inspiration from human conditions.

The song is accompanied by a music video. Watch the video below:

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