Harry Broun Yearns For “Greater Things”

Introducing one of the most exciting up and coming pop artists, Harry Broun! His latest album, “Greater Things”, is an eclectic mix of musical influences culled from the likes of James Blake, Porches, 100 gecs, and The Weeknd. Broun’s melodic voice lays down heartfelt lyrics in a unique style; even as a new artist on the music scene he stands out as someone to pay attention to. An inspired blend of diverse sounds with original production gives audiences something fresh that is sure to make an impact. Now let’s dive deep into this captivating piece of work that is Harry Broun’s Greater Things.

The Australian based pop artist Harry Broun highly anticipated album “Greater Things” is laden with hip hop and R&B influences, this seven-track project instantly captivates its audience. From the get go, Broun’s male vocals are a soothing and pleasant tone to listen to as he speaks about self-doubts and emotions throughout the entire album.

Each of the 7 songs covers various topics from friendship, to breakups and hope. With bewitching beats and dazzling production values each track is super catchy for any pop music fan. No matter the situation, you’ll be able to relate to Broun’s energetic yet emotional melancholic lyrics on the board; making it impossible for you not to hum along in your head or mist up with emotion at times.

Although each song feels distinct from one another, it never fails to capture our interest from start to finish as they all come together in harmony like we ourselves would do when dealing with different emotions in life; transitioning smoothly between moods ensuring we feel something across the whole journey of the album. Great singles such as “Dreams”, “Friends” or “Let Go” will have you singing along till your heart is content due to its well written catchy melodies while also leaving an impact lyrically too as Broun tries not to shy away from facing reality even in dark situations whatsoever. The Album was recorded in Oli Scott’s home studio, a long-time friend of Harry and was created entirely by Harry. The album also features writing credit from FKA Franky on two songs.

In conclusion, Harry Broun has successfully crafted a masterful body of work that perfectly encapsulates both tear jerking beautiful instrumentals and addicting anthems with clever songwriting that dive deep into human introspection like no other record out there can. For these reasons and more, this incredible piece of art rightfully deserves its title of being “Greater Things” after all!

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