Michael Kay The R&B Singer Is Breaking Boundaries With New Single ‘Drip’

Michael Kay is a rising star in the R&B world. Born in Zambia and now residing in Perth, his musical style is anything but ordinary.

Michael’s music is a unique blend of classic R&B and Soul, Funk, Pop, and Rap, making him a true outlier in the industry.

Michael’s music career began with the release of his song “I Don’t,” which quickly gained him recognition. He then went on to release three extended plays (EPs) titled “Elephant”, “Eden”, and “Allow Me to Be Petty for a Minute”, each showcasing Michael’s growth as an artist. His music has evolved across his three albums, with catchy choruses, lyrics, and melodies becoming more prominent in each release.

Michael’s upbringing in a musically diverse environment has contributed to his decision to create an alternative world of music featuring several genres. He has earned a reputation in Perth for his exciting live performances, which leave viewers feeling inspired and awed.

Recently, Michael’s performance on Season 10 of The Voice Australia has brought him more recognition, and “The Michael Kay Experience” has become synonymous with his deep melodies, themes, memorable lyrics, and stage presence.

Like his main inspiration, Beyoncé, Michael strives to continually improve with each new project, set new trends, and showcase work that is genuine and unapologetically honest rather than perfect. He draws inspiration from personal experiences and presents them in a way that is relatable to a broad audience.

Michael’s latest single, “Drip,” is a perfect example of his unique musical style. Composed and recorded in a single night, “Drip” features silky smooth vocals and flirtatious, sensuous, and cheeky lyrics. This song is the third single from Michael’s forthcoming project, following “Summer” and “Candy.”

Michael Kay is a rising talent in the R&B world, and with each new release, he continues to break boundaries and showcase his unique musical style. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.

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