Sharl Talks About Love In New Song ‘Mirror’

Sharl is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, previously signed to a UK indie record label, Sharl made an exciting re-debut in 2022 as an independent electropop artist and has since then shown no signs of slowing down.

She has since then released breathtaking songs that are both inspiring and danceable. Sharl is a prolific storyteller who uses music as a means of communicating with the outer world to broadcast a message to the masses.

After her debut album “City Lights” Sharl has been consistent with the type of music she makes for mass consumption making sure each song she releases is relatable and can stand the test of time.

Sharl Finally Releases The Music Video For ‘Outside’

Her latest song “Mirror” is dauntless love song which shares the story of been your best self when you are with that special person seeing a perfect reflection of yourself.

The song is utterly jam-packed with subtle sonic details and subtle moments that highlight Sharl’s skill and cunning in creating a pop sound that feels both familiar and uniquely her own.

Sharl’s ingenuity is shamelessly represented in Mirror, not only did she make a for love birds but also gave them something to dance to as couples to strengthen the bond between them.

Enjoy Mirror below:

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