Sharl Finally Releases The Music Video For ‘Outside’

Outside is the 8th song from Sharl’s new album City lights which is gaining massive love and recognition from critics and music lovers. The album has a total of 10 songs on it, which carries different messages and compositions.

With the release of her latest album City Lights, Sharl has made significant progress in the development of both her music and herself—a culturally symbiotic journey that can only be attained by accepting and growing from your setbacks.

Sharl is one of the most hardworking indie pop artists out there, and which each production she makes known and crystal, her style of music gets stuck on the listener, making each listener addicted to her song. outside is a disco-pop song, at the first listen of outside you find yourself headbutting and others who end up on their feet dancing to the tune.

The song comes with a visual representation of the message Sharl tries to put across, the video builds on the urbane-disco sounds with a noir meets cyberpunk style, inspired by an underworld outside the city lights. Sharl collaborated with Hustle Dance Crew, one of Melbourne’s top K-pop dance groups, in order to promote local talent.

The video showcases the vision of an entirely Asian-Australian cast, crew, and creative team and includes additional local artists like Kevin Silvester and Ash from the indie band The Clever References.

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