Lesley Pike Introduces Her New Album ‘Wild’ To The World

The critically renowned singer, songwriter, and composer Lesley Pike has just released her newest album, and the first part of it is named “WILD (vol. 1).”

Over the process of creating her brand new double album, WILD, songwriting and production are two areas in which Lesley Pike has shown significant growth. Pike, who is based in Toronto and London, UK, plumbed her own vulnerabilities to construct these intricate songs and WILD (Vol. 1) sees her finding a new level of resilience as a result.

The recording artist’s fourth disc, which will be issued in two volumes, is an accumulation of confidence and determination, as well as an extremely vital focus: producing and making music on her terms. The disc will be released later this year.

Pike’s songwriting reaches new heights on these fourteen magnificent tracks, which range from the personal to the universal. Consider, for example, the establishment known as “Bar Americain.”

Pike’s great storytelling talents are chronicled in this song via the use of her words, which convey recollections of a real-life love meeting she experienced in a pub in London, England. The song was written by Pike.

The album’s combination of several styles of music is another significant step forward for Pike. WILD brazenly basks in both contemporary and traditional folk composition while grangerizing lines with rock-and-roll edges, living up to its name in every sense of the word. Pike’s captivating melodies are accompanied by crunchy, electric, and pedal steel guitars, which convey a combination of sad lyrical punches and ethereal notes.

Pike muses on the feeling of abandonment that children have and the freedom that she has discovered inside herself in the album’s title tune, “Wild,” which is an organic and light piece of folk music. This song encourages the listener to stop, look inside, and put their whole faith in themselves.

Having recorded the 12-song collection primarily in the United Kingdom in various settings, including a converted Norfolk studio that was once an ambulance station during World War II, an industrial warehouse studio in Leeds, and finishing up at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London, Pike insists that taking the lead on production was something that changed the game.

Pike’s song WILD is going to inspire other people by virtue of the fact that she has made herself available to be so open and vulnerable in the process of digging into her own experiences via singing.

Her compositions and performances on the album are emblematic of her path as an artist and as a woman since they explore the emotional landscape of both roles with a sensitivity and a level of depth that is destined to win her praise.


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