Fifth Lucky Dragon Shares Thoughts On New Ep White Lies & Purple Elephants

Having amassed over 100,000 likes on Tik Tok prior to release, Louis Imperiale who performs under the moniker Fifth Lucky Dragon, writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and creative director decided to release the Ep he has been seating on for years.

The Ep titled “White Lies & Purple Elephants” comes with 3 different original songs, with each song coming in with a different vibe.

The Ethos behind the title ‘White Lies & Purple Elephant’, tells the story of how devastating a small lie can manifest into a situation that could get out of hand.

White Lies & Purple Elephants is an eclectic alt-pop song with captivating lyrics and perfect instrumentations, listening to the Ep it is evident Louis poured his sweat and blood into making the songs.

One unique fact about the Ep is the pattern in which the songs were produced, the next song cannot be guessed, therefore coming as a surprise because the songs don’t follow the same outline.

The album kicks off with White Lies & Purple Elephants, followed by “Don’t Look Too Far Ahead” and “Mango” follows ensuite. Full of bouncy and colorful synth arrangements, paired with driving rhythms and vibrant melodic lead vocals, his music offers a charming sonic trip with bags of commercial appeal.

The theme of “White Lies & Purple Elephants” is relatable can be enjoyed by music lovers across the globe who can find inspiration from the songs and dance to them aswell.

Listen to White Lies & Purple Elephants below

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