Blair Djuna Sets Himself Free With ‘Don’t Tell Me’

Artists with the aptitude for songwriting are rare, yet in the case of multitalented Blair Djuna, this is evident in all his songs, this fact is reinstated in his new song ‘Don’t Tell Me’.

“I know you’ve never felt the same

I’d rather be alone

Then for you to tell me (Tell me you love me)”

With such captivating lyrics, Blair Djuna shares a subtle love story of been in a relationship where you obviously can tell it is heading nowhere, feels like a hallucination or chasing the clouds. Blair studied a Bachelor of Music (song writing) at, JMC academy, Sydney, and this is evidently displayed throughout the song.

‘Don’t Tell Me’Is a pop song embedded with 80’s jam and a sense of modern funk with catchy melody lines to keep you hooked to the lyrics. The bass keeps you alive and could keep you on your feet for hours dancing.

The song can serve two purposes, a dance song, and a love song, yet Blair has stylishly blended both to make a song that suits persons/lovers of music, I mean who hates a love song?

One of the reasons ‘Don’t Tell Me’ is a jam is a result of his smooth voice on the song, his voice is so much sync with the heartwarming instrumentations making it difficult for you to listen to it just once

Enjoy Don’t Tell Me below

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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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