Have A Taste Of Maya Yenn’s ‘Sour Grapes’

Maya Yenn’s “Sour Grapes” is a ridiculously catchy song that expresses the frustrations of growing up. It is full of warm nostalgia, bleeps and bloops from half-remembered video games, and R&B-inspired rhythms.

The song begins with the warping click of a filling cassette tape as Yenn calmly hums along to a hazy lo-fi guitar. The heady scene is abruptly broken by a video game gun that sounds like an alarm clock at six in the morning.

We are then thrust directly into the track, which is accompanied by 8-bit bass, insistent vocals, and defiant beats with hip-hop influences.

A distinct lyrics “Supposed to be on top now / Supposed to have it all figured out now,” boons the realities of life, getting to know you missed your beautiful childhood because you desperately wanted to grow up.

“Sour Grapes” is a characterful take on the frustrations and disappointments of adulthood; full of nostalgic warmth, video game bleeps and bloops and R&B-tinged beats, it’s the perfect cocktail of freshly-squeezed pop for when adulthood just isn’t sweet enough.

Remember when you were young and you desperately wanted to grow up and have it all, have all the freedom in the world, you later grow up and it’s the complete opposite of what you thought it would be – sour grapes.

‘Sour Grapes’ is basically about the irony of being a kid and looking forward to all the freedom youre going to have as an adult and then you get there and feel like you actually had it better as a kid.”

Yenn explains.

Enjoy Sour Grapes below


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