Romain Gutsy Admits Been Enchanted By ‘Lany’

A jazzy folk instrumentation, an authentic voice, and great lyricism is how Romain Gutsy begins his latest single that he titles Lany. The experiences Romain Gutsy has gathered over the years keep showcasing in each song he releases.

This composition, which also has a jazzy folk production by Marc Bentel, heavily features Romain’s warm, raspy, growly, distinctive, and authentic voice. Lany is a love song written and composed by Romain, where he admits to being crazily in love.

Lany is a retro song that could date back to the 70s, a classic sound that revives the good ol’days. How he makes composition effortlessly makes it mind-blowing, and how he stylishly crafts his lyrics to fit the instrumentation and captivating makes it easy to get the listener’s attention.

The producer Marc Bentel was the same producer who produced the previous single by Romain GutsyIf You Don’t Mind, which was also a great song by all standards, by far the synchronization between this duo is astonishing.

Lany is accompanied by a music video where he visualizes his heartfelt feelings.

Listen to Lany below:

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