Bad Ass beauty Dissects The ‘4 Horsemen’

Bad Ass Beauty is not all talk, she really knows how to make timeless music, and her sophomore single 4 Horsemen is proof of that. This previously unreleased version of 4 Horsemen was turned into a rock opera that was accepted into the 2018 New York Musical Festival.

4 Horsemen is a self-titled single off her debut album which is expected to be released later in 2023. LaQuinta Prince who performs under the moniker Bad Ass Beauty is an exceptional vocalist who has tailored Rock and R&B to suit her style.

Bad Ass Beauty is pure and honest and this makes her song relatable and entertaining, this skill is displayed in grandiose in 4 Horsemen, she pours her heart and feelings into the song and personalizes it while making it known it is alright to not be alright.

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This is why  Bad Ass Beauty is a great lyricist, she sings about the 4 different personalities and the world, and how she makes this seem easy is mind-blowing. You could say 4 Horsemen is the second mouthpiece of bad Ass beauty, as it shares her journey and how she’s been able to overcome her trials and tribulations throughout these years.

She shuns the pretense of acting like everything is fine and rosy when it is the complete opposite of that.

“Writing and recording this song was a completely cathartic experience as it was the 1st time i was actually able to admit it out loud and acknowledge this was how i choose to handle trauma, and stop pretending i’m ok with everything totally under control.”  – Bad Ass Beauty

This emphasizes on the point she makes music that would stand the test of time instead of making a song for some hype .

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