VILIVANT Debut Album “Running on Empty”

“Running on Empty,” the highly anticipated debut album from VILIVANT, presents an electric combination of raw passion, strong guitar riffs, and punishing drum rhythms reminiscent of Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, and Dorothy. It is apparent that this great musician spent three years pouring her heart and soul into this album, a labor of love. The outcome is a unified, hard-hitting rock album that addresses themes of emptiness, grief, self-determination, and finding unity within oneself with skill.

The vocals of VILIVANT grab listeners immediately, demonstrating a range that is both sensitive and authoritative. Her voice shines on anthems such as “Drown” and “Going On,” two songs that highlight her ability to elicit genuine, visceral emotions. Particularly, “Drown” serves as a rallying cry for people who have felt the pressure to conform to society norms, motivating them to rise above the din and embrace their own selves.

Each song on “Running on Empty” is propelled forward by sophisticated guitar riffs and strong percussion rhythms. The album’s production is professional but genuine, enabling the sound of VILIVANT’s innate roughness and fire to show through. Lovers of the aforementioned influences will feel right at home with this record’s crunching guitars and thumping rhythms.

“Running on Empty” is, at its core, a highly personal experience for VILIVANT. She discusses her battles with self-doubt and the taxing nature of attempting to satisfy others’ expectations, and how she finally found the fortitude and tenacity to overcome hardship. This openness is what makes the record so approachable and emotionally evocative.

Songs like “Going Ahead” and the album’s title tune give listeners a peek of VILIVANT’s artistic and personal development. The songs inspire listeners to persevere through their own difficulties and find peace in their own fortitude. Since the album’s major topic is empowerment and self-discovery, it is a testament to the human spirit as well as a musical triumph.

“Running on Empty” is an impressive debut that establishes VILIVANT as a strong force in the current rock genre. This album’s passionate vocals, searing guitar work, and deeply personal lyrics make it a memorable listen that fans from all backgrounds will enjoy. If you’re seeking for a rock album that stimulates and motivates, go no further than “Running on Empty” by VILIVANT.

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