Ranger Releases Their Self-Titled Debut EP

Ranger is a self-titled debut Ep a guitar-forward Rock-Soul band hailing from Victoria, Canada. The unison between the quintet makes music production comes freely and naturally, to them, this assertion can be witnessed in Ranger.

The first track “Diggin’ You” prepares you for what is ahead, it sets sail with some smooth vocals accompanied by an enticing instrumental that brings that serenity to your soul. “Diggin’ You” and “Set Me Free” has already been released and are heavily appreciated by music lovers across the globe.

Listening to the songs on the EP feels like being ushered into another dimension that is void of all the noise, hustle and tussle of this world, with themes alternating between love, regret, forgiveness saying goodbye, you can tell the story-writing of the quintet.

Ranger is the passion project of singer-songwriter and guitarist Shane Ranger, his songwriting and storytelling skills are something that cannot be overlooked. How he makes the emotions in the song crawl up your skin and resonates with the listener to feel nostalgic.

The EP has a total of 5 songs on it and spans over 19 minutes 15 seconds, although short-lived the impact the songs leave on you can be heavily felt. The instrumentation of each song sets the perfect aura for the singer to distribute the emotions of the songs across.

If you think all the songs are melancholic, then you are in for a surprise as the last song on the EP is a fast-paced one with a clear description of the capabilities of the band, my favorite part is the majestic soundgasm exposed in “Slow Down”, the irony of it is Slow Down is rather fast-paced, I love it.

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