Proklaim Comes Through With A Brand New One – Somebody

After the first review I did for Proklaim I knew he had some more tricks up his sleeves, and I’m glad I stuck with him, just as I thought, he has a niche when it comes to this rap song. with each record he produces he gets better than the previous version of him, this makes it listening to him refreshing.

His lyricism is something that cannot be overlooked, how he crafts his words to bring the essence of the song is a skill only a few possess, yet those familiar with Proklaim’s brand of opulent, descriptive rap will be aware of his singular tone.

For all his stylistic versatility, Proklaim’s greatest strength remains his ability to rap stories with a compelling mix of reality and conscious vibes. He dives into that skillset on “Somebody” an affecting story of self-growth and supremacy.

Somebody by Proklaim draws attention to the rapper’s great songwriting skills that capture the entirety of his aim and goals as a rapper. The punchlines, delivery, and timing are all clear indications of his prowess.

One distinct feature about proclaim is how he starts his song, he goes hard on the first verse, no time to waste before you realize you start nodding your head to the song thanks to the perfect sync between the lyrics and the beat.

Piling writing details, he evokes the real-time anxiety that can come from the uncertainties of becoming one of the best in one’s field.

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