Aphire Motivates You To ‘Rise’ Through Latest Single

Born Alex Smith is a producer based in Nottingham who performs under the moniker Aphire. Aphire was born during the lockdown and since then he keeps making music that surpasses his previous work gathering momentum to capture the heart of the world at large.

Aphire took some time off production to attend to some pressing matters, but after some time he decided it was time to retrace his steps back to that one thing that gave him the utmost joy – producing music. There is no better way to get back into the scene than coming in with his latest song Rise.

In its entirety, Aphire was a side project that he created to attempt Drum n Bass production, but this has transgressed into other genres. Aphire is a master when it comes to anything electronic, his sound is a gateway to escape all the troubles of the world, taking you on a boat that sails smoothly through explosive emotions.

“Rise” is circled around the importance of rising in a world where you are constantly being faced with setbacks, how Aphire tailored the lyrics of the song to fit each listener is really fascinating and mind-blowing.

The production of Rise cannot be overlooked, an upbeat that resonates with the listener’s greed of wanting more of the song, you end up moving your body even before you realize it.

Listen to Rise below

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