Join Satellite Train To Feel The Rush Of Aussie Rules Football

The members of the Australian band Satellite Train were raised in Melbourne and have a deep love for Aussie Rules Football. The first release from “The Melbourne Sessions,“Superstar,” is a song that perfectly expresses the excitement and intensity of Aussie Rules Football.

“Superstar” is their way of expressing their enthusiasm for the game through music. Satellite Train is taking a somewhat unorthodox approach to their music releases by simultaneously dropping tracks from two distinct collections, “The Melbourne Sessions” and “Spacewalk”.

The band’s distinctive sound takes listeners on a trip through a variety of musical styles, with Icehouse’s Michael Paynter’s strong vocals at the forefront. Throughout this year and beyond, Satellite Train intends to continue publishing songs from both “The Melbourne Sessions” and “Spacewalk” simultaneously.

“The Melbourne Sessions”, showcases Australian musicians and boasts a raw, live sound. Satellite Train opted for no rehearsals and took the first or second takes during the recording process. The creative process was guided by music charts, allowing Satellite Train to capture the energy of a live performance without preconceived ideas of the songs.

Satellite Train features a talented lineup of musicians from both Australian and American bands, such as Michael Paynter of Icehouse, John Watson of James Reyne, John McCall of The Black Sorrows, Shane O’Mara and Randy Jacobs of Paul Kelly, Pasquale Monea of Stephen Cummings, Jamie Muhoberac of John Mayer, Chris Chaney of Miley Cyrus, and Gregg Bissonette of Ringo Starr.

They hope that anyone who loves the rush of a game can enjoy the song, whether they are a devoted fan of Aussie Rules or not.



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