“The Remote Past Tense” by Occurrence: Nostalgic Journey Through Heartache

Occurrence, the experimental electronic pop trio, has outdone themselves with their latest single, “The Remote Past Tense.” Composed of Ken Urban on electronics, synths, and beats, Cat Hollyer on vocals and flute, and Johnny Hager on vocals, the band is known for their unique sound that marries nostalgia with indie pop sensibilities.

“The Remote Past Tense” takes listeners on an emotional journey through the world of breakups, exploring the universality of heartache and the inevitable process of moving on. With Hollyer’s hauntingly ethereal female vocals at the helm, the song masterfully weaves a tapestry of emotions as if flipping through a well-worn photo album of love lost.

As the band mentions, Cat Hollyer meticulously mines the details of her past relationships, transforming them into a series of vivid images that resonate deeply with the listener. Through her introspective lyrics and the soul-stirring combination of Hager’s anthemic vocals and Urban’s immersive electronic soundscapes, Occurrence creates a cinematic experience that is both intimate and universal.

In “The Remote Past Tense,” the band showcases their penchant for blending nostalgic elements with experimental electronic pop. The result is a sound that evokes the emotional intensity of bands like Florence + The Machine and the sonic innovation of Purity Ring.

The production on the song is top-notch, seamlessly merging the electronic elements with the organic instrumentation and vocals. The mix is both polished and raw, allowing the listener to feel fully immersed in the emotional landscape of the song. The intricate layers of sound create a lush, textured atmosphere that only adds to the visual resonance of the lyrics.

“The Remote Past Tense” is an evocative, cinematic exploration of love, loss, and the passage of time. Occurrence’s unique blend of experimental electronic pop with a nostalgic bent makes this track a standout addition to the indie pop landscape. If you’re looking for a song that will take you on a journey through the complexities of heartache while showcasing the power of innovative music, look no further than “The Remote Past Tense” by Occurrence.

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