Lexa Terrestrial Makes a Rebound With LL&P

Sincerely there needs to be a genre for LL&P it should be called Sexy Rap, because listening to Lexa Terrestrial spittin’ all those bars with her sexy voice you can’t help but fall in love with it.

The intro tells it all, the suspense that ushers you into an intense 2 minutes and 56 seconds of intense rap, don’t be deceived by her feminine outlook she is more of a monster when she is in the booth. What makes LL&P unique is how she delivers the lyrics and how she crafts her words to sound this good on a hip-hop trap beat.

Lexa Terrestrial is more like a mixture of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj blended together with Ice Spice with a sprinkle of Doja Cat. Hearing Lexa Terrestrial tongue twist is a wonder because she has a rare neurological breathing condition.
5 years ago, at a pivotal time during her music career, she was the victim of a scary medical malpractice incident. Which caused her to have to get many painful & expensive medical treatments due to that Lexa wears a mask 99% of the time.

But this rare condition couldn’t stop Lexa from attaining her dreams and aspirations as she states that clearly in her latest single, one recurring and addictive verse is

 “I Just wanna long

I just wanna prosper”

This clearly shows the rapper’s mental state of doing whatever she can to showcase her talent with the rest of the world. She has performed with some heavy hitters like Hopsin, Bone Thugs, Rittz, Logic & Jarren Benton, MGK & even Alt. Pop acts like The Millionaires, Girl Talk & even Jeffree Star!
Her goal is to use whatever influence she has to spread awareness for ENS, help be a part of the cure and hopefully Live Long & Prosper.

LL&P is the acronym of Live Long And Prosper, such a talented wordplay

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