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Get ready because your world is about to be rocked by multi-talented Tyler Kamen. Tyler Kamen is a poet, guitarist, singer, songwriter, music producer, video producer, photographer, and graphic designer these are just a few of his capabilities as an individual.

His recent album Bamboozle Tesseract is perfect prove of the musicians capabilities, the album spans 40 minutes and has 15 songs on it is set to take you on a rollercoaster ride. this what he had to say about the album:

“This is my 15th official release since 2017 and is a sequel to my previous album “Artichoke Pythagorum”. There are plans to finish this as a trilogy with a 3rd album, but details on that project are TBD at the moment.”

he went on to say :

“That album will most likely be out in November 2023. Join me on this wild prog-rock adventure as the story unfolds and bridges the gap between this trilogy and the Spectacular Machine trilogy.”

This is not just talk, as each song is unique and connects seamlessly, this makes the album flow effortlessly without any altercation. The intro to the album sets the mood straight and gives the listener a feel of what to expect.

Bamboozle Tesseract is more like a journey than an album, this music typically combines progressive rock with psychedelic rock, but it appears that this time he has leaned more toward the progressive side. Or at least that’s what his opening tracks are intended to make you believe. With merely sounds flying around the listener, the psychedelic circus known as Bamboozle Tesseract immerses them in a lively and enjoyable show inside their own heads.

The listening session of Bamboozle Tesseract is a psychedelic circus that just has sounds flying around the listener, engulfing them in a colorful and entertaining performance in their own head. The album has a total of 15 tracks which were all produced by written and produced by Tyler Kamen.


Introduction – Future X (0:41)

The Bamboozle Tesseract (3:17)

Gnome City Labs (3:54)

Splitting Atoms (3:06)

Breaking News (1:18)

Vegetable Medley (4:21)

Nuclear Core Meltdown (0:53)

Are You Mutant? (2:45)

Intermission (0:58)

Detective Sheriff (2:59)

Lights Over Zezop Way (3:51)

Cruciferous Creepers (3:48)

Street Fight (3:32)

You Are Mutant! (2:04)

Conclusion – Bamboozle Reprise (2:27)

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