Join Zero Carbon Effect On ‘The Great Rewilding’ To Make The World A Better Place

You wouldn’t believe me if I say this is the first time the quartet Zero Carbon Band (ZCB) entered a recording studio to record a song, yet their debut EP “The Great Rewilding” says otherwise, it sounds nothing like newbies, because they are used to live set.

When SI-Fi, Benjamin Simha, Rat Thunder, and Nic combine their musical powers the quartet morphs into Zero Carbon Band (ZCB), and The Great Rewilding is an end product of the band’s hard work and determination. Listening to the EP you can literally taste the band the sweat and the effort which had to go into creating this sound.

The Great Rewilding has a total of 5 songs It was recorded at the Brook Studio in  Wallington., with mind-boggling lyrics the band aims at making significant changes in our ecosystem.

Zero Carbon Band (ZCB) is the world’s only premiership Eco-pop band, writing unique original Indie/funk Eco-pop and they chuck in the odd upcycled eco-worded tune for a live set.

The songs are unique and refreshing they are strict on making the world a better place by drawing attention to the trees surrounding us, the sea, and other contributing factor to bettering the earth.

Members of the Zero Carbon Band are:
Si-Fi – lead guitar and backing vocals
Benjamin Simha – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Rat Thunder – drums and other percussion, backing vocals, harmonica
Nic – bass, flute


I’m a Tree

Sinking Seasick Homesick Blues

The Great Rewilding

Commotion in the Ocean

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