Here Is Reaching For The Out Of Range By Pihka Is My Name

Reaching for the Out of Range is a fun song that you can dance to while also finding inspiration in. The song gives off a beaming aura of poured-out pent-up emotions.

The duo individually played major roles in making this song the masterpiece that it is. The lyrics are evenly spread across the 4 mins 07 secs song.

‘Embrace the change’ is screamed throughout the song, emphasizing the need to accept changes and embrace growth.

The Finnish pair Pihka Is My Name uses analog synths, hypnotic piano patterns, and crunchy drum machines. The duo is accomplishing two feats with a single song, a piece of electronic dance music, and inspiration.

Sometimes what we aim for may seem too far away, but the joy of accomplishing such tasks comes with unexplained joy and happiness. Even when they come crumbling start over is still an option, you can always start over.

“That’s really what our new single is all about. Not being afraid to start over, about recognizing the need for change, and about gathering the courage to shake things up“,

continues Lasse Turunen (beats/VOC). “It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you’ve put into something. It’s never too late to start over, if necessary”.

Their second album, Reaching for the Out of Range, is scheduled to be published in September 2023.

Reaching For The Out Of Range is accompanied by a music video. Watch the video below:

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