Here Is ‘Song Cry’ From Marc Rangel

Imagine finding out that one person you loved so much, that you have been dating for almost 2years was already in a 6years relationship with another person, hurt right? Exactly! That was how Marc Rangel felt when he got that revelation.

Song cry is a product of feeling hurt and overcoming them, outgrowing the pains and moving on with your life.

Although the lyrics were inspired by his life experiences, the words are relatable with a smooth voice conveying all the emotions pent inside.

The song’s emotional effect is enhanced by the perfect lyrical disposition and smooth delivery of his voice making the song a masterpiece.

“This song was built pretty fast. I wrote the song by myself in my room in about 20 minutes or so. The words just poured out of me. So when I brought in in to my producer, we basically finished the bones of the production in one session. Then we just focused on mixing and adding little things here & there”. – States Marc Rangel

Listen to Song Cry below

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