Carson Ferris Shares Inspiration Through New Song ‘Speed Limit’

“Speed Limit is very personal in a lot of ways. I don’t always feel this way, but sometimes I do get overwhelmed trying to make it as a musician who also happens to be a kid.” – revealed Carson Ferris

Regardless of age or time or season, sometimes we all feel overwhelmed by our day-to-day activities, trying to get things done, moving from point A to B, or trying to reach our goals.

Carson Ferris is 13 years old who tries to share his feelings with the world in the only way he knows possible. He picked up the electric guitar at a very young age, as early as 6 years he was already making music. Listening to music from Carson Ferris doesn’t sound anything like coming from a teenager.

Gathering all these experiences over the years has aided his lyrical composition, delivery, and breath control also mastered his vocal techniques which leaves his music addictive.

The energetic pop/rock tune Speed Limit is filled with emotion. Bright guitars and dramatic percussion are incorporated into the music so you can enjoy the music as well.

The instrumentation sheds light on his smooth voice and attractive persona. Although Carson is a teenager his music is relatable to everyday people and everyday life.

He shares the importance of having a balanced life where you can manage your dreams and aspirations without get feeling the pressure of doing more than you can or expected.

The soaring high notes at the end of the chorus signify that all of the sacrifices can be worth it as you work towards your goals.

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