Thorn Serves You A Brand New On An ‘Ashtray’

Ever questioned the very existence of God or other gods, ever felt we are pawns in this world and that the very existence of humans is oblique? If you have ever had that thought then you feel the same as THORN.

Ashtray is the second single written in the eulogy of the late, great ASHTRAY JONES. Although the thoughts of feeling like a pawn in some cruel draconian play might hurt, Ashtray serves as a relief from painful memories.

Well, Ashtray is not supposed to bring despair by rather see it as freedom, the only rules in life are the ones you yourself conjure. The hard-pressing guitar riffs, and the loud drums all scream anger, confusion & hurt, of been played.

Written & Performed_ THORN
Performed_ Jess Porter-Langson
Production_ Colin Lanz

Listen To Ashtray below

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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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