Franc O’cher Expresses Love In New Song – Stars At Night

Franc O’cher is a French Canadian singer who is widely known for his powerful songwriting skills. This skill is predominantly served on a silver platter in his latest single “Stars At Night”.

Stars At Night is an indie pop track that carries the heartfelt cries of Franc O’cher, the song carries great emotions and narrates how he feels for that special person in his life.

‘Here i am thinking about you

It doesn’t surprise me at all

Cause I’m breathing for you ‘

Such powerful lyrics only proves his prowess when it comes to his songwriting, and it is surprising how he sings the song with a perfectly refined and tuned voice to compliment the lyrics so as to not lose the essence of the song.

In 2000 Franc made a conscious decision to pause his music career, but later, we were greeted by the great news of his comeback in 2020, he released a mind-blowing song which he titled “So”.

His latest single Stars At Night is accompanied by a music video with lyrics, where Franc O’cher plays his cheerful guitar an sings out his heart.

Enjoy Stars At Night Below:


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