Roskamala’s “Loving Mess” Is A Song About Knowing Yourself

Nobody has the ability to sway you when you have a firm grasp on who you are and what you stand for. You also rarely find yourself plagued by thoughts of self-doubt.

Roskamala, a multidimensional songwriter from Thailand, has recently produced a new song that focuses on this topic as well as themes related to it.

She invites you into her private world by singing about some of her most private thoughts and emotions. She does it while maintaining a perspective that is very rooted in reality.

She says that the song “Loving Mess” was inspired by her own journey toward self-acceptance and self-awareness, and that she believes that people need to start viewing their imperfections in a more positive light.

Lia Apa sings on the song, which is a fun and provocative challenge to someone to catch our attention. Roskamala not only stars in the video but also directs and produces it.

When different sounds, like soulful voices, synths that stand out, and strong basslines are put together, the result is a sound that people will remember.

Her songs hit listeners where they live emotionally. It’s wonderful when musicians can make an emotional connection with their listeners through their songs.

Roskamala has a natural ability to use music to show how she really feels and to bring people together.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook , Tik Tok and Instagram.


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