“Make Time” To Listen To Prettyboytheartist’s New Intimate Song

The newest offering from Prettyboytheartist is a great choice for a song to play for that important someone in your life, and we strongly recommend it.

“Make Time” is a passionate song about love and lust that goes deep into the complexities of human relationships.

The song’s sensual and seductive undertones help bring the listener closer to the action and make them feel more invested in the drama being conveyed.

His songs often feature sultry melodies, passionate vocals, and oblique words as he expresses his feelings about romantic relationships, love, and intimacy.

Because of the honesty and vulnerability of his lyrics, the song has a profound effect on its listeners, evoking intense emotions like want and longing.

As a result of the thoughtfulness and delicacy with which Prettyboythertist composed this, it serves as a potent medium through which to convey feelings and investigate the nuances of interpersonal connections.

He represents the next wave of R&B musicians who are breathing new life into the genre while paying homage to its storied past.

In Prettyboytheartist’s songs, warm, sensual, and heartfelt male vocals blend seamlessly with old-school R&B tunes. This has earned him a lot of praise for his wide range as a singer and his unique way of telling a story.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram.


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