Shelly Peled Is Caught Up In A “Haze” In New Song

Shelly Pled has garnered a lot of attention for writing stunning songs that delve into deep themes and are able to connect with a wide variety of listeners.

She has just recently released a song called “Haze,” which is a dismal ballad about the enchantment of sleepytime fantasies that you don’t want to end.

In the context of the pop genre, the combination of gritty hip-hop and heavy rock results in a sound and vibe that is distinct from anything else that is being produced today.

Shelly is a talented artist who takes a unique approach, and it is encouraging to see musicians who, like her, add to the vibrant array of sounds that characterize this area.

The combination of intimate lyrics with dark and sensual pop music is a powerful way for connecting with listeners and generating an emotional influence on them.

This resonance gets to the bottom of things and creates a personal connection between the artist and the listener on a deeper level.

In addition to producing an atmosphere that is mysterious and captivating, “Haze” also has other effects. The manner in which she performs music is a potent instrument for leaving an impact on the person who is listening.

This year will see the release of an album by the Tel Aviv-based singer-songwriter whose sound draws from a wide variety of musical styles and textures, including pop, electro, hip-hop, and rock.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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