Ruby Topaz Will Delight Fans Who Look Through The “Rabbit Hole”

Ruby Topaz’s explosive sound holds listeners from the first track in the “Rabbit Hole” album. With each guitar riff and soaring voice, the band’s passionate dedication to their craft is palpable. In this album, Ruby Topaz pays homage to rock giants such as Freddie Mercury and Jimmy Page while putting their own touch on classic rock.

The songs have a raw vitality about it that seems new and exciting. The band’s ability to merge numerous rock subgenres is outstanding; each tune delivers a punch that keeps listeners on the edge of their seat, with elements of glam, hard, and progressive rock. From the bluesy undertones of “Come Back To Me” to the snappy, up-tempo melodies of “Rabbit Hole,” Ruby Topaz demonstrates their musical versatility.

The degree of competence in each instrument is what sets the album apart. The guitar solos alone will take any rock fan’s breath away. The lead guitar shines in “You’re Still Running,” taking the listener on a musical trip. Mark Bram’s vocals are both forceful and emotional, giving a new level of passion to the song.

“Rabbit Hole’s” production is superb, adding sharpness and clarity to the already outstanding instrumentation.

“Rabbit Hole” is a breath of fresh air in a world of auto-tuned pop and predictable music. It’s a reminder that rock music is alive and well in the hands of devoted artists like Ruby Topaz. “Rabbit Hole” needs to be in your playlist whether you’re a die-hard rock fan or just like fantastic music.

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