Enjoy The Latest Album By Eliza Mary Doyle – Pretty Strange

Eliza Mary Doyle kicks off 2023 with an eclectic 10 tracks album that covers all seasons and times. Over the years Eliza has fought for her place in the music scene and she has earned that spot.

As a JUNO award-winning alt-country/folk artist from Canada Eliza Mary Doyle also poses as a former banjo player for The Dead South. Her authentic banjo playing and unique songwriting is evidently displayed in all her songs.

Her vocals have a raw, emotional quality that captivates listeners, and she has a talent for composing melodies that are both memorable and original. Her lyrics are catchy and melody driven and refreshing to listen.

Her latest album “Pretty Strange” features 10 unique songs, with captivating lyrics, Eliza Mary Doyle opens the album with “7 Dude Ranch” a perfect song for an album opener.

Listening to the songs on the album one could literally taste the sweat and effort she had to put into each song to make them come out this nice. One interesting fact is the sound of her banjo, whenever she gets the chance to do a solo, she makes sure it leaves a long-lasting memory on you.

Not to forget the production, the production is top-notch, it allows the listener to enjoy Eliza’s singing and hear the lyrics of each song so as not to lose focus of the theme of the song.

Listen to Pretty Strange below;

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