Ben Kelly Says His State Of Mind In ‘Senses’

Ben Kelly is a promising R&B artist who is gradually rising up the ranks with his captivating lyrics and songwriting skills. He recently started making music but he sounds nothing like a newbie

His latest single Senses is a love song in which he shares his sentiments, a song which draws inspiration from being in a rocky relationship, but finding your way back, and realizing how much you need each other.

With a laid-back instrumentation, Ben Kelly takes the listener to a sensual world where he allows them to be vulnerable, to allow themselves to fall in love and be loved. The song has a great soul/alternative R&B vibe to it.

One interesting thing about Senses is his disposition, how he sets the mood right, creating a serene environment for lovers, and a means of expressing your love for one another.

Listening to Senses you can hear sounds from some of the greats such as Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Daniel Caesar, Marvin Gaye, SZA, and Michael Jackson, Ben takes inspiration from these names so it’s no wonder you could hear them in the song.

Listen to Senses below;

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