Elton Hendrix Reaffirm His Vows In ‘Never Run Away’

Elton Hendrix is by far one of the greatest lyricists ever to walk the face of the earth, and this is evident in his song, his latest song Never Run Away is a perfect example of what he is capable of.

Never Run Away shares some mind-boggling thoughts on relationships, and the singer shares some inspiring words on what it feels like to fall in love, and the pains of going through a breakup, social issues, and other human emotions and conditions.

Not only is Elton good at penning down great lyrics but when it comes to singing, he makes sure he uses his great voice to show his disposition on the song, and how he uses his soothing voice to speak to the heart of his listeners.

Never Run Away is a ballad spread on an acoustic guitar riff, the song emits a serene aura, which makes it easy for the listener to grasp the feelings embedded in the song.

One thing that makes Never Run Away nostalgic is the instrumentation, the instrumentation was kept on a low tone, allowing the words in the song to resonate with the listener, music lovers of all ages can feel the depth of the lyrics once the song starts playing

How Hendrix was able to share such sentiments on instrumentation as this is something that cannot go unsaid is a perfect song for wedding vows, expressing love and dedication to each other.

“I can never break your heart and make you sad”

such powerful words of reaffirmation. More of these words can be heard in the song. This timeless masterpiece embodies real love and connects with listeners of all ages and backgrounds because of its soulful voice and beautiful composition.

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