BABY X DADDY Drops Visual For Bubbles (Explicit)

Bubbles is a sensual song that Baby brings to life, the wild emotions lurking in humans that cannot be quenched. The slow and cinematic instrumentation makes brings out the theme of the song in a perfect manner.

Baby, fka as Meggie Brown was named Guardians ‘Artists of 2020’ championed by the likes Iggy Pop, Franz Ferdinads Alex Kapranos, & The Gossip Since Gender Affirming Surgery now known as Baby is back with an electronic offering, trans duo ‘BABY X DADDY” a collaboration with producer DADDY.

The lyrics of Bubbles are explicit therefore it hits the nail straight in the head, Baby makes this know in the beginning of the 3 minutes, 36 seconds song, with repetitive lyrics ‘Baby X Daddy’ creates a cozy environment for lovers bringing the intense desire of devouring eachother.

The debut single features an explicit video where ‘BABY X DADDY’ visualizes the main inspiration behind the song.

Collaborating with artist Jeanie Crystal (Eliza Rose, Warmduscher, Decius, founder of Faboo Tv & Harpies LGBTQ+ strip club) on the music video. Jeanie came across Baby’s new digs & has directed both video ‘Bubbles’ featuring contemporary dancers Novaya Shey & erotic dancer Phoenix, East Londons most exciting dancers & BABYXDADYS live shows with dancers at times if your lucky! (video styled by Sports Banger, wearing 4SFB cap)

Watch Bubbles below;

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