Album Review: “15913” by Nerdhappy

Today, let’s dive into the cool vibes of Nerdhappy’s new album, “15913.” You might know Nerdhappy as Brian WF Tobin, the guy who creates his own songs from scratch. He’s come a long way, especially in learning how to make music sound awesome. And guess what? His latest album is like a showcase of all that hard work paying off.

This album is a collection of 8 songs that take you on a musical adventure for about 37 minutes. The first song, “Be Yourself, Tamiko,” is like an exciting start to this journey. It’s about a girl who does something pretty magical – she calls a Japanese Sea God to splash water on her friend who wasn’t nice. And guess who’s there too? ‘Hatsune Miku’ – adding some extra magic to the music.

Originally, Nerdhappy wanted to make songs that had a steady beat, but things got a bit crazy along the way. Each song tells a story from Nerdhappy’s mind. Some are short, like “Bop,” which is just 2 minutes and 14 seconds long, and some are longer, like “Bee,” which lasts for 8 minutes. But each one is like a little peek into what Nerdhappy is thinking.

Now, you might wonder about the album’s name, “15913.” Well, it’s like a secret code for making cool beats on a drum machine. It means hitting the drum on beats 1, 5, 9, and 13. Originally, Nerdhappy just wanted to make songs that make you want to dance, but somehow, a bit of weirdness found its way into every song. And you know what? It’s what makes them so interesting.

If you listen to “15913,” you’ll feel like you’re hanging out in Nerdhappy’s creative space. Each song is like a different color on his musical palette. Some are catchy, some are dreamy, and some are just plain fun. The album shows how Nerdhappy has grown from writing songs to crafting a whole musical experience.

So, if you’re into music that’s a mix of cool stories and groovy beats, give “15913” a listen. Nerdhappy’s done a great job of making an album that’s both easygoing and exciting. It’s like a journey into his musical world, and you’re invited!

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