Empiric Is A Post-Punk Hard Rock Odyssey

The lead single from the upcoming second EP of Plymouth-based band Foreign Voices, “Empiric” is a dark and dynamic track that defies genre categorization. The song begins with a post-punk inspired intro, with driving guitars and distorted vocals. The chorus bursts into hard rock territory, with anthemic vocals and a catchy melody. The song then descends into a disorienting final heavy breakdown, complete with distorted bass and interweaving time signatures.

The song is a testament to the band’s musical versatility. They seamlessly blend elements of post-punk, hard rock, and metal into a cohesive and exciting sound. The vocals are powerful and emotional, and the instrumentals are tight and driving. The song is sure to please fans of all genres of rock music.

“Empiric” is a strong first single from Foreign Voices’ upcoming EP. It is a challenging and experimental track that is sure to turn heads. The band has a bright future ahead of them, and I am excited to hear what they come up with next.

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