Ch/zzy Lets It Lose With New Album – Late Start

Since childhood, Ch/zzy has been fascinated by arts from painting, sculpture, photography, and graphic design. He later found himself doing an office job, but he knew that wasn’t where he was supposed to be as it didn’t allow him to do what made him really happy: RAP.

A pivotal moment in his life was when he lost his dad after fighting cancer for years, this incident really took a toll on him as he felt numb. Later, he picked up the broken pieces and got his life together but picking up his pen again to pen his feelings.

He named this Late Start, Late Start album by Ch/zzy that contains 15 rap songs that blend genres like hip hop, 90’s style rap, boom bap, underground and old school. The album explores a wide range of feelings. The title, Late Start, refers to the fact that he waited far too long to get serious about his music and share it with the world.

“This album is not an icebreaker. It’s an opportunity for you to be a part of my journey and get to know the real me.”

Says Ch/zzy

One thing that cannot be overlooked while listening to Late Start is the hard bars, and metaphors that were spread throughout the songs, the delivery of the lyrics makes way for the punchlines to hit you hard.

There are some silly entertaining elements to it, a perfect example is the opening song while some of them are just him spittin some bars, also some of them talk about his severe anxiety and panic condition or the tragic deaths of my mother and father.

Listen to Late Start below

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