Gilo Opens Up To The ‘Ice Cold Baby’

Gilo was raised in East Oakland, Los Angeles based, he is a versatile rapper and singer who like to put his heart into each song he produces, just like his current singe Ice Cold Baby, which was his fan favorite during his cross-country tour last year.

Ice Cold Baby is one of the songs of his upcoming album ‘G&B’. Ice Cold Baby is a combination of several genres like pop, soul, hip hop R&B, and you can hear sounds from similar artists like Future, Tory Lanez, Kendrick Lamar, and Don Toliver

The lyrics of the song show Gilo’s songwriting skills, and a bold approach to reality, and the lyrics to the song are relatable and not some kind of fantasy. The song is a hopelessly romantic song that draws attention to still being attached to your ex even after a breakup.

Also, it poses as a song that can set the mood right for lovers, as well as express your feelings to your lover. Gilo’s determination and hard work can be tasted while listening to the song, perfect breath control while delivering the lyrics nice and slow, so as not to lose track of the theme.

Listen to Ice Cold Baby below


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